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Forum vintage videos established mega threads

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forum vintage videos established mega threads

It will be a while before we look at possibly adding the videos to the games .. com/ forum /images-and- videos /the-hyperspin-theme-recording- thread text directly about the SNES image, but it does give it a sort of retro feel.
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Formerly the "ALMOST Music Comparison Thread" Shadix. If you're willing to keep two TVs in your setup, one for retro games and one for HD consoles, then it would be wise to inform yourself of various CRT options, including not only run of the mill consumer TVs, but perhaps VGA computer monitors or even professional broadcast monitors. This can result in a very significant amount of input lag. Vinyl and Old School Music. The Corsair User Forums -. CR Sonic Arcade Machine For Sale On Yahoo Japan Auctions. Community    Forum    Deals. [IMG] code is On. I've had a Framemeister for a few days now but I'm just waiting on the SCART cables to arrive! What are you watching tonight? Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. Anyone still riding a PSYCLE WERKS Wild Hare?